We, like everyone, are doing our part to stay safe during the outbreak. All of our boarders have loved-ones at particular risk from the virus. We are taking the following steps to keep our barn family safe:

  • Visits from non-boarders by appointment only. We would love to meet you, so please reach out and we will schedule a time that works for you and keeps everyone safe. You can call or text Kate at (404) 804-8009

  • We continue to clean and disinfect surfaces regularly and between barn visits. 

  • We have limited snacks to single-serve packages.

  • We are not permitting anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 from visiting the barn.

  • We continue monitoring the situation and will make adjustments to our operations as needed.

Stay safe- we will get through this by looking out for one another and remembering that everyone is worried about someone they love. 


Kate and the Swell Stables Family



Horse Boarding | Centered Riding | Equestrian Wellness

We believe in harmony between horses and riders. We offer full and pasture boarding personalized for you and your horse. Your horse will enjoy a large stall and plenty of turnout, as well as customized feeding and care plans. We want your horse to be at their happiest when in our care. That means that rider wellness matters too. Swell Stables regularly offers clinics, training and programs that integrate pilates, meditation and mindfulness with your horse to promote centered, pain-free and happy horses and riders.





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