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Swell Stables is a local family-run horse farm committed to nurturing the peace and joy that comes from the bond between people and horses.

Swell Stables began as an idea between two horse people discussing the amount of growth, balance and peace our horses have taught us over the years. We wanted to create space for horses and riders to find balance, peace and wellness with each other. Integrating their equine, physiological and psychological knowledge, these friends sought to build something different: A facility that supports personal growth by creating opportunities to connect with yourself and your horse. 

Our barn manager, Kate LaVail, has 20+ years of experience managing professional broodmare, yearling, three-day and dressage barns in California, Maryland and Georgia. Her lifelong love of horses led to a collegiate equestrian scholarship, but also taught her that she was more interested in caring for horses than competing. After having children, she found that natural horsemanship work allowed her to focus on connecting with her horse, herself, family and friends. 

Paula Stewart is a certified Pilates instructor, eating psychology coach, horse trainer and instructor. With 30 years of experience in both humans and horses, she and Kate have developed a program offering boarding, lessons, training, classes and clinics for horses and humans to sustain and grow their personal best. 

Kate's partner, Trevor Wilson, is a BWFA certified farrier and equine flexion therapist. He is an integral part of Swell Stables. His focus on our horses' physiological soundness and comfort directly supports our goal of happy and healthy horses and riders. 

In early 2020, Foothill Farms was serendipitously looking for a stable that focused on holistic balance. We made the move, giving us more room to grow. We fully embrace Foothill's commitment to stewardship of our environment and personal and cultural growth. 

Our facility is built on honesty, kindness, compassion and care. We would love for you to join us as a boarder, student or friend.

About Us: Our Farm
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